I paid a bribe with a beer

16:26 Jul 11 2013 Harare, Zimbabwe

I got into a kombi at charge office in the afternoon yesterday and went on to sit at the back seat. I had six pack of castles with me and I was planning to open the first one whilst in the kombi. Unfortunately, a police officer came and sat next to me. Because I knew he would charge me with public drinking if I opened one i then said "officer munomwa here?".

We he said yes, I gave one been. It was only after he accepted it that I knew I could freely drink mine. And I did
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The unknown suspect also entered the resident's unsecured green 2008 Mazda minivan and stole a lighter. Anderson was charged with alleged possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine). During Anderson's booking process at OCDC, he was allegedly found to be in possession of more methamphetamine after OCDC officers allegedly found it in Anderson's socks. Anderson was charged with alleged possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) and bringing contraband into places of imprisonment. Officers learned through investigation that Vaughn allegedly raised a closed fist to strike his girlfriend. While officers were escorting Vaughn to a police unit, he allegedly yelled obscenities to family members. Officers learned through investigation that Granado allegedly struck a person involved in an altercation with another person. Jackson turned himself in at ADPS headquarters. Highway 70, was arrested on a District Court warrant for alleged failure to appear, a Magistrate Court warrant for alleged failure to appear and a Municipal Court warrant for alleged failure to appear after officers were dispatched to Telles' residence in reference to a verbal domestic dispute. Officers learned through investigation that Santiago allegedly damaged several items of property belonging to his wife, then allegedly prevented her from leaving by sitting in front of the bedroom door and blocking her exit. Officers learned through investigation that Hernandez had allegedly engaged in a verbal confrontation with two people and battered them. April 27, someone stole a HiPoint .380caliber pistol from the resident's home. The pistol was entered into the National Crime Information Center database as stolen. A suspect has been identified. Officers allegedly found a glass pipe in Stroud's possession. Officers learned that a black Ford pickup truck was eastbound on 10th Street when Serbin, operating a 2009 Harley Davidson motorcycle, struck the truck from behind. Serbin was transported to Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center for treatment of his injuries and released. Rodriguez was jailed at OCDC on a nobond hold pending his appearance in District Court. Monday, April 29. Day shift: Mariah Sanchez, 20, of the 300 block of Canal Street, was arrested on a New Mexico Corrections Department warrant for an alleged probation violation. Officers allegedly observed Barranca using profane language and enticing a fight with another person. Officers allegedly observed Stafford using profane language and enticing a fight with another person. in the 1000 block of South Canyon Road. Upon arrival, officers found a red 1993 Chrysler fourdoor with heavy frontend damage and the two front air bags deployed. Officers located the occupants of the Chrysler at the scene. At this time, it's unknown who was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. Officers learned that the Chrysler was traveling south on Canyon Road, crossed into the northbound lanes and collided with a street sign at South Canyon Road and Canyon Draw Place before striking a rock wall. in reference to a domestic dispute. Officers learned through investigation from an anonymous person that someone involved in a dispute had discarded narcotics and drug paraphernalia near a parked vehicle in the 500 block of Webster Drive. Officers located a glass jar containing less than an ounce of marijuana, two bongs and two marijuana pipes. A possible suspect has been identified. Day shift: Darius Bennett, 32, of the 1800 block of Walker Avenue, was arrested on a New Mexico Corrections Department warrant for an alleged probation violation. A suspect has been identified. Highway 54 South. in reference to a 42yearold woman who had been sexually assaulted. The woman was transported to GCRMC for treatment by a sexual assault nurse examiner. Dispatch received numerous calls from residents in the area about shots being fired. Officers learned from a man walking in the area that the occupants of a red fourdoor passenger car had shot at him several times. The man was not injured. Day shift: Anthony Montoya, 26, of the 1400 block of Cuba Avenue, was arrested on a Municipal Court bench warrant for alleged failure to appear. at Ninth Street and Canal Street. Officers learned that a 2006 Jeep was traveling east on Ninth Street and failed to yield to a 2005 Chrysler van traveling north on Cuba Avenue. The Chrysler was pushed into a 1996 Nissan truck that was westbound on Cuba Avenue. The person also threw eggs throughout the residence. A suspect has been identified. Day shift: Bryan Moran, 18, of Mayhill, was arrested on a Magistrate Court commitment order for alleged larceny. New York Ave., was ticketed for alleged embezzlement. Officers learned through investigation that Nauta, a Walmart employee, was allegedly giving away free merchandise to people. May 2, someone stole four pillows, a blanket and a bed spread from one of the rooms. A suspect has been identified. May 1, someone stole the resident's wallet while she was at Walmart. Demello was also served a Municipal Court commitment order. She was already jailed at OCDC. Gutierrez was also served with a Municipal Court bench warrant for alleged failure to pay and a Magistrate Court bench warrant for alleged failure to comply with conditions of release. Officers detected an odor of marijuana and learned that Donnely was in possession of an alleged marijuana cigarette. The boy was released to his parent pending notification from JPO. Officers responded to the 900 block of Lindberg Avenue in reference to a criminal sexual penetration. A suspect has been identified. 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The family will greet friends following the service at First Lutheran ChurchJoseph Henson was born Feb. 16, 1921 in Dallas, NC, to the late Joseph Bascom and Maude Lentz Henson. He was also preceded in death by his son George B. Henson, and five brothers, Dr. Thomas A. Henson, Robert A. Henson, Dr. James L. Henson, Marshal F. Henson, and Dr. Donald L. HensonAll six Henson brothers loved basketball and played on a family basketball team, winning the first statewide tournament in Ahoskie in 1935, and again in 1938 and 1939 in Wilson, coached by their father, a NC high school principal, whose job moved the family to Gastonia, to Murfreesboro, where Joe went to high school, and to StantonsburgIn 1939, Dr. Henson followed 3 of his brothers UNCCH for PreMed, working as a waiter in Swain Hall, and operating a dormitory store. He earned his MD in 1945 from Temple Medical College, as an Army student. He practiced internal medicine in Greensboro for 60 plus years. He enjoyed giving FAA flight physicals to fellow pilots. In addition to his medical practice, he served the community as long time member of the Greensboro Civitan Club and was a member of First Lutheran ChurchJoe Henson had a passion for health and good nutrition, freely sharing vitamin and diet advice. He loved nature and the land at Bandera Farm in Summerfield, where he enjoyed the hard work of clearing pastures and feeding horses, even through knee pain. He was full of humor, and loved throwing his voice to amuse children and adults alike. A ski buff (water snow), he was hitting the slopes even in his 80's! Beauty is really all in the mind. In the end, it's simply about loving and working with your natural gifts. Let me speak directly to all you Lazaro lovers out there. Yes, he very handsome; yes, he likeable; yes, his stuttering has made him an inspiration to many people, but it time to let him go home. 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