Commissioner of Oaths ZRP

12:06 Jun 2 2012 Beitbridge ZRP Station

I have twice sent a member of staff to have Birth Certificate and ID documents certified as true copies by ZRP for NSSA Claim purposes - last week in Bulawayo, and two days ago in Beitbridge. Both times, the member of staff concerned was turned away. In Byo, he was told he needed a payslip. Since when is it a requirement to have a payslip when asking for documents to be certified? In Beitbridge, they just couldn't be bothered, and it was suggested that he would need to pay something to get it done. In the end, he managed to get some documents done, but not others. ALL WE NEEDED were certified copies. The public has a right to expect this service from them, and it should be given without hindrance of any kind.
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On Monday, Smith will face a mediocre defense but under difficult circumstances -- road game, loud dome, desperate opponent. Griffin is upbeat and optimistic, as he always is, but [url=http://www.broncosfootballestore.com/YOUTH-TRINDON-HOLLIDAY-AUTHENTIC-JERSEY-DV-94.html]Authentic Trindon Holliday Jersey[/url] there's still no way to tell yet when to expect him to be able to play. But it is probably a template others will try to duplicate, at least until the Broncos show they have an answer. In fact, you can begin a chat immediately.(Linebacker Justin Houston leads the NFL with 12. Jackson was designated the Eagles' franchise player a couple of weeks ago, and he's been seeking a long-term deal [url=http://www.broncosfootballestore.com/YOUTH-CHAMP-BAILEY-AUTHENTIC-JERSEY-PQ-25.html]Nike Limited Champ Bailey Jersey[/url] from the Eagles for more than a year now. "I'll talk with my pads come Sunday. They have to beat us.3.Completely silenced the combination of Ross and Cobb.Containing Kaepernick: While San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick was running wild on most of the NFL last season, the Rams seemed to have the key to slowing him down and keeping the read-option in [url=http://www.broncosfootballestore.com/YOUTH-QUENTIN-JAMMER-AUTHENTIC-JERSEY-CP-55.html]Limited Quentin Jammer Broncos Jersey[/url] check. Vick took a shotgun snap, set his feet, then started rolling out to his left.It's amazing how close this was to being a huge victory for the Saints (5-1).
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